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Welcome to Wrapid Man

Here at Wrapid Man Ltd, we take pride in redefining the benchmark for the containment solutions industry in New Zealand.

Best Solution

As your solution for shrink-wrap, we go out of our way to make sure we deliver a cost-effective, weatherproof, safe and sustainable way to wrap anything you need wrapped – nothing is too big or too small. We can meet any requirements and deadlines.

Exceptional Quality

We pride ourselves on having created efficiencies never seen before in New Zealand, while we continuously set out to redefine the benchmark for quality service, products and workmanship. Our staff has years of experience in different industries to deliver the best quality possible.

Industry Experience

With vast experience in both the construction and marine industries, we specialise in leaky home repairs and recladding, renovations, restorations and commercial interior refurbishments, making us your first choice for any shrink-wrapping jobs nationwide.

Who We Are

Wrapid Man Ltd is one of New Zealand’s leading shrink wrap companies. Based in Auckland, we have established ourselves as one of the most dynamic, forward-thinking and successful shrink-wrap companies NZ wide. Our team of experts are dedicated to driving the business forward, whilst striving to set the benchmark for contemporary standards of excellence.

Residential Shrink Wrapping

Residential shrink wrapping helps reduce downtime due to hazardous weather. Heat-welding of shrink-wrap joints creates a smooth, continuously bonded enclosure able to resist strong winds and negative pressure environments.

Commercial Shrink Wrapping

Commercial Shrink Wrapping is ideal for creating effective environmental containments and is particularly effective at adapting to awkward shapes as it can be cut and heat-welded in place.

Marine Shrink Wrapping

Keep water, algae, bugs and birds out of your yacht or boat! Shrink Wrap system is great for preparing your equipment for the winter season.

Recladding & Leaky Buildings

Keep sun, rain, wind and snow out! Shrink Wrap protects your stored items and keeps them clean and dry. Protect your most valuable asset while you complete the job.

Why Choose us?

The best quality innovative solutions

Locally owned and operated in New Zealand

Certified staff with hands-on experience

Always ready to meet you requirements and deadlines