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Marine Wraps

Wrapid Man makes wrapping a boat a breeze with shrink wrap to protect and preserve


If you’re not using your boat or yacht over winter or you are keeping it in storage, our marine shrink wrapping services will protect your craft from water and sun. The beauty of plastic shrink wrap is it fits any size or shape perfectly, ideal for the custom-made craft you want to keep in tip-top condition.

Shrink wrap is also an excellent decision for transporting your boat.

  • Delivering the yacht to its new marina?
  • Sold your pleasure craft?
  • Having a new vessel delivered to you?

For complete protection while storing, renovating or moving your yacht, or commercial craft, ask us to shrink wrap it for you and really protect your asset. Contact us to arrange a quote.


Benefits of marine shrink-wrap


For downtime in the marina or wherever you are storing or moving your boat, Wrapid Man’s wrapping:

  • provides 100% waterproofing and high UV protection
  • offers seasonal protection during the down months or in longer-term storage
  • gives you the added confidence of extra protection reducing any scuffs or blemishes caused in transit

Choose a trustworthy shrink-wrap company with years of experience to protect your boat. Contact Wrapid Man today.