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  • 134 Kittiwake Drive, Auckland

Who We are

Here at Wrapid Man Ltd, we take pride in redefining the benchmark for the containment solutions industry in New Zealand. As your solution for shrink-wrap, we go out of our way to make sure we deliver a cost effective, weatherproof, safe and sustainable way to wrap anything you need wrapped – nothing is too big or too small.

We pride ourselves on having created efficiencies never seen before in New Zealand, while we continuously set out to redefine the benchmark for quality service, products and workmanship. With vast experience in both the construction and marine industries, we specialise in leaky home repairs and recladding, renovations, restorations and commercial interior refurbishments, making us your first choice for any shrink-wrapping jobs nationwide.

Our Goal

Here at Wrapid Man, we make it our key mission and first priority to provide ultimate customer satisfaction to all of our clients. To ensure that we meet this objective, we use nothing but the highest quality materials whilst providing service centred around promptness and accuracy. We also do all we can to keep our prices reduced, making sure that we are offering you the best competitive rates possible. As a proud NZ company, we also set out to be an industry leader in regards to community and environmental responsibilities, using 100% recyclable products.

Why Choose Us

Prevents schedule delays due to failed containment

Minimalises repairs to the containment due to construction

Better protected materials means less re-purchases required

Secure materials that won’t blow away like tarps and faulty shrink-wrap

Less labour hours wasted re-installing a failed containment

Enables for heat to be retained more efficiently

Prevention of contaminated particulates released into the environment as a result of containment failure

Allows for interior lighting during daylight hours

Safer option for high winds

No unsightly tarps or failed shrink-wrap blowing in the wind

Enjoy peace of mind with the absolute best shrink-wrap the industry has to offer

Avoid lawsuits as a result of injury or property loss